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BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH                    

Prof. Kyoung Tai No   Born: Oct. 16, 1955 / Seoul


1978   BS in Chemistry, Yonsei University

1980   MS in Theoretical Chemistry, Korea Advanced Institute of Sci. & Tech.

1983   Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry, Korea Advanced Institute of Sci. & Tec.


Personal Job Titles

              2003-Now   Professor of Biotechnology, Yonsei University

              1997-Now   Director, Bioinformatics and Molecular Design Research Center


 Professional Experience

                               1983-2002    Professor of Chemistry / bioinformatics at Soong Sil University Korea

                               1984            Visiting professor at Institute Molecular Science, Japan

                               1987-1989    Visiting Scientist at Cornell University, USA

                               1995-1997   Visiting professor at Cornell University, USA

                               2000-2002   President of Biomed Park Inc.

                               2004-2006  Advisor, Equispharm Inc.

                               2003-2005  Advisor CHEMON Inc.

                               2004-2006   CEO, ChiroLite Inc.

                               2007~now  CTO, ChiroLite Inc.

                               2004-now  Advisor, Accelrys Inc., USA

                               2005-now   Advisor, fqubed Inc., USA

                               2006-now   Chairman, Asia Hub for e-Drug Discovery

                               2007-2008  President, Korean Society of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology


Research Fields

                               Computer Aided Drug Design   /   Computer Aided Material Design

                               Computer Aided Environmental Toxicity Prediction

                             Algorithm & S/W Development for Drug/Material Design

                             In Silico ADMET/ PK Prediction     /   Construction of Data Base

Integrated e-Organs for Drug Repositioning, Pre-clinical and Clinical trials


Publications ~ 102 Scientific papers


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