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The Computational Systems Biology(CSB) Laboratory at Yonsei University currently consists of scientists with highly diversified training background, ranging from computational chemistry and molecular biology to computational mathematical models. 

Our common interests are in development of computational tools for solving biological problems. Our work ranges from construction of mathematical/statistical models to development of algorithms to code implementation to applications of computational tools to solve various bio-data analysis and modeling problems.

Our Interests

1. Flora Genesis System
  - Molecule Profiling
  - Biological Active Compound Search

2. Drug Discovery
  - Drug Reposition

3. Prediction Physical Properties

  - Skin Toxicity

  - Kidney Toxicity


Our People

The Professor
  - Kyoung Tai No, Department of Biotechnology, Yonsei University, Korea

The Others...


B408 Computational Systems Biology Lab,
the second Engineering Building,
Yonsei University, 262 Seoungsanno, Seodaemun-Gu,
Seoul 120-749, Republic Of Korea