The aim of our CSB laboratory is to educate professionals with the ability to develop computational biology tools based on artificial intelligence and mechanics, and also to use the developed tools proficiently to lead the bio and related industries in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution.

Major tool development researches include AI-QM-based new drug development platform, protein engineering platform, big data-AI-based secondary metabolite research platform, drug metabolism and toxicity prediction platform, and AI-based natural product functional material development.

For industrial applications, we have been collaborating with several world-class research teams and companies. Industrial application researches include new drug discovery, functional enzyme design, PK/toxicity prediction of organic compounds, vaccine design, and AI-based natural bioactive materials discovery.

Since opening the laboratory in 1983,
the graduates from CSB laboratory have been continuously role as the leaders in the advancement of Korean bioindustry.

We, CSB members, welcome the participation of students who are ready for sailing into the mysterious world of life with us.